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Thread: 3 red cards in a match. WTH???

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    3 red cards in a match. WTH???

    Like the title. Today I've just had a friendly match. It's a normal match until my opponent started being given many cards. His team ends up with 6 yellow cards and 3 red ones (the most unfair treat I've ever seen).

    Although I always play with hard tacking and pressing the hole pitch, I've never been given more than 1 red card in a match, not even 2 ones. And my team morale was usually bad (I only use morale packs for the important matches).

    Something crazy has been happening. Yesterday, my team scored 4 goals in last 10 mins.

    3 red cards in a match. WTH???-screenhunter_02-mar.-11-17.37.jpg
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    Crazy result. Never seen this happen. Good thing you only lost 3-1.
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    It is not rare that one team receives 2 red cards in same match. But I have no impression that 3 red cards are given to same team.
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    Fouls and card biggest reasons ever that make you booked ;
    1: Man on marking
    2: Playing hard defending
    3: High pressing by you
    4: Tackles hard
    5: Blue arrows.
    6: 5 defenders
    7: Playmaker ability
    8: Defensive wall ability
    9: Offside traps off
    10: Working on defensive attributes only
    11: Bad pitch(for sliding or injury prone)
    12: Glitch( early levels)
    13: Short passes(by opponent)

    I don't know which reason did that.But you can assume yourselfOr ask your friend his settings
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