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Thread: Where are all the norden players at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tilkmin View Post
    Thx guys for your great replies! Now i'm a little bit smarter
    You won't find Nordgens that early (my timezone is UTC+5:30, and we don't follow DST. Has DST started? I'm now talking for standard time). My day starts at 830. At around 930 new players arrive and at around 1100-1400 the Nordgens are visible. Subtract an hour foe DST.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    If you have T, buy the expensive one recommended player. He is a fast trainer too.
    that may not be always have to see that value (the $ that you don't need to pay for )...if the value is not high...your recommended is not fast trainer (and the age) i have one of the recommended player is not fast train...(and actually...every the fast not that "fast")

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    Today lots of nordgen in market....

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    i have one of the recommended player is not fast train.
    then I got lucky. I have 3/3 (talking about the expensive, 20 y.o. players I got so far)

    The most common (nordgen) time is 04.00-06.00 GMT
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    Haha yeah, I'm also basically only able to look around these times in the morning (fml) and I have the same problem.

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    I don't observe norgen in this season. So I don't know if there is any change. As I remember, norgens occasionally appear after about 1 or 2 hours from daily maintenance. Even in same server and on same day, norgens appear in one level and disappear in another level.
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    Sometimes it just fails to deliver. On Day 3 I sat up to get my Nordgens in for next Season - good film on the Horror channel - and along came a multitude of 3*, then 4* then.....3* again. After that I got a cuddle from the Sandman. I was sick. Bought myself the first young recommended player to test his rate and (as Nik already indicated) was pleased, so if an 18yo with the right role pops up, at a reasonable price.......he's in.
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