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Thread: Weird schedule of last seasons

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    Weird schedule of last seasons

    I think that talkings of that was discused in few posts some days/weeks ago, I don't remembered well...
    In 1st season, I fought with 1 player for the first place. In round 12 played at his ground, and beated him with 6-0. In return, was the derby for 1st place, in penultimate round, 25th (remembered well ), same formations, and beated me 0-1 and he win the League.
    Last season conquered with one friend for League. Beated him in 12th round, and then secured 1st place with a draw in 25th round. I won League and he was second.
    This "year", after 4 matches me and another manager already leading the League with 3 points difference from 3rd place. I looked on schedule, and guess what? In 12th round we meet at my home, and then at him in 25th.
    I don't Blame Nordeus ( yet ), but it is strange... I really want to see if we still leading on 12th...
    What do you think?
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    1 word... Coincidence.
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