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Thread: Question about tokens

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    Question about tokens

    Hi all, just a quick question about tokens and spending money.
    I am in season 30, but only league 27, 3 seasons ago I desided to stop spending any money on tokens. Until then I had spent a little money every month, without any big success, but having fun anyway. Every season I climbed 1 league, but rarely ever winning anything, but thats ok.
    After I stopped spending money I have every season ended among the 5 on the bottom, and not climbing. Never longer than 1 round in cup, and no CL. This season all my games on weekdays are between 8 and 16 o'clock, and that result that I cant watch my games, only in weekend. So far I have lost all my games this season, even my team has the second highest rank in league.
    Whats your experience? Do I have a change playing this game without spending money? I dont get much tokens for Nordeus, and buying new players is only possible for 1-2 times a season.
    I am seriously considering starting to spend a little money again, but on the other hand, they says its a free game
    Even tho I only win a few games every season, I have to

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    Have you tried changing your tactics?
    Wont do any harm to try as your loosing matches anyway, good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve285 View Post
    Have you tried changing your tactics?
    Wont do any harm to try as your loosing matches anyway, good luck
    He claims him to be at season 30.Do he seems to be
    Bannedlike(forced)//for just posting guides and winning 1 league in 21 seasons without knowing reason..

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    never spend a dollar ....and yet...i won 9 league title and 8 CL title in 10 season.... (+ 1 CUP) ...
    i don't even buy lots of player in action in these several season....cause i built my team since season 5.... at their age 18.... all fast trainer....and only sell several "old guy (age over 24).... now my team is all 7 star and good to go for next i still need lots of token to buy players? NO....but i save lots of token already ~LOL
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