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Thread: Injuries

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    Do you find that lately your players get a lot of injuries? I'm in season 3 and since the last updates I rarely got any injuries, but in the past 2 days I got 3 players injured for 5 or 6 days, so serious injuries, is it just me or some adjustment has been made to the game so you spend more tokens?
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    2 days got 3 injury?? the last week of last season.... i have 8 first team + 3 sub injury in 4 days...well...that is the time your sock red pack needed~

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    I have had this a few days ago, I had 4 players injured in 2 games and also lost another 2 players to suspensions as well. It really screwed my push to qualify in my CL group. As a result of lack of players and condition I lost 4 places in the league and didn't qualify for the CL 2nd round so thanks game.

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    Nordeus has already implemented a funny change to restrict number of injuries within a match to 1 and avoid players repeatedly injured within a short period. You can search details of this from previous announcement.

    I feel sorry if these injuries bordered you. But your case is not a injury crisis at all. You will understand this if you will gain more experience in this game.

    In my experience, injuries sometimes suddenly arrive as a storm and sometimes disappear a while within a period. You can find description of injury pattern from different managers in previous posts in this forum as this used to be hottest topic in this forum.

    FYI, as I remember my team used to have about 14 injuries and players were out for total more than 50 days within 1 week.

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    Yes my players are getting injured after every 2 or 3 match.
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