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Thread: best formation to beat 3-2-3-1-1

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    best formation to beat 3-2-3-1-1

    have a cup match against guy with 3 DC- 2 DMC- 3 ML/MC/MR- 1 AMC- 1 St.. i have a higher rating team which i konw doesnt mean everything, lost 3-2 with 4-4-2.. what would work best? would like to get to semi-finals..

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    4-4-2 is not that good as before...this season, I just beat a LV11 (i am LV10) with the same Q as my team for 7-1 away...and 8-1 at home even i just half of the sub player (cause avoid the yellow card, but i still win his 4-4-2, 8-1 at home game)... and these two season, 4-4-2 are not that hard to beat (at least i don't feel as that hard as 3 season ago)...

    and look at the middle field, your 4-4-2 only have 4 middle field.... and look at your opposite he has total 6 middle field. so, look like he is the one controlling the middle field~ if you want to score, i will say try to put on AML/AMR/AMC with 1 ST ~ cause i don't feel 2ST are useful... 1 ST is enough~

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    If you have the players for it, try 3N-5-2 V-shape with normal play, attack on wings, low pressing and long passing, and see how things evolve.I had an opponent in the past with this lineup and this helped me beat him every time.
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