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Thread: Is the game screwing with me

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    Is the game screwing with me

    So my last 3 games I have been beaten by teams that I shouldn't be beaten by. I have vastly more quality and my condition is always at least 90% on my starting 11. I complete my training before games and watch my matches using the bonuses their. Yet I can't buy a win. I went into my last game firm fan favourite and was beat comfortably 3-1. I had no red cards and dominated possession but can't seem to hit the target with 3 strikers on the pitch. I also have noticed my opponents are getting a lot of people helping them by watching their games which really annoys me as when this happens it's more a 10% possession boost they get instead of the 2% they should have. I just find it incredible that I am struggling against teams that frankly I should walk through, I use a standard 4-4-2 Diamond so tactically I should be good. I am on the verge of quitting I get that the odd fluke win occurs but I've won 1 in 5 now and all were significantly weaker teams.

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    These things happen. Troll results will occur. Last season I had the best quality team in the league. After 11 matches I was at 3 wins and 8 losses. I couldn't believe what was happening. Worst start ever and I was loosing from teams with 10Q less that weren't attending. At the end of the league I ended first after 13 consecutive wins. Never give up and quality will win in the long run.

    If you see a lot of red ratings on your players, change tactics. Put in a DMC for a striker for example and you will see that sometimes the ratings turn to green and that the team has better balance.

    Long story short, troll result happens and never give up.
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    Yes. Happened to me last season or season before that. I started a thread about. Got over it.

    This season, it's me doing the screwing. 34 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss so far.
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    Well well..... Welcome to T11

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    Review your orders.If you are using 442 , normally you should win most matches.My 2nd team ever used that formation and had significant victories.Orders should be attacking,short pass,down both flank,counter off,low pressing,tackling normal,offside trap off except for equal or higher level teams.Also have 1 more decent MC in case you can't score.Sub one of your ST with him.That's what I did and am doing now.I'm the leader in league with 8 pts ahead of higher quality runner up.Don't let it down with 442.Keep it up,mate.
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