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Thread: Help with end of season

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    Help with end of season

    I'm nearly at the end of the season and I've not noticed managers buying players.....why ? When their going to drop a star in a few days or am I not getting it

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    For teams which will not promote in next season, it is good time to buy players. For teams which will promote, the best players they can buy now will change from 5 star to 4 star tomorrow, and they can buy even high quality players tomorrow. So most of these teams do not buy players now. Usually, the transfer market is inactive in this stage of a season. This is a result of limiting teams to buy players with 5 star.
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    Some reasons
    - they didn't promote to the next level
    - if they promote, then buying players who gonna be 4* next season, maybe they 'll have a better draw in the league (not having teams with 6* players).
    So, still they can be competitive and not involve to bidding wars in the first day.
    - spend less money. Usually I sell my players last day, with some good discount.
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    I replace retiring players on the last day of the season to ensure I have a team for the first round of the cup. I can usually get a good player for 1 token. If I did this on day 1 of the new season I would be involved in bidding wars. Also my teams are not 6/7* teams so I can get better or equivalent replacement players cheap in regards to money and tokens.
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    When new season starts every manager will rush towards auction so they have backup players which they train during season break.
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    I did that earlier since I had limited resources. I'd recommend to use that trick till Level 4. You don't have to rush for trophies now; I had to wait for 4 seasons to get my first trophy, the Cup.
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