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Thread: Unlocking globes in training

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    Unlocking globes in training

    Having just got to level 46 on training, I noticed that instead of improving my training options by adding an extra whistle, on one of the options was a "globe" - taking the ranking from Pro to World Class. The globe can be seen over the Warm Up schedule below.

    I just assumed that after three whistles that would be it - so to unlock the globe was an interesting surprise - and will also mean it will take a lot longer to "max out" the training packages, which I think is a very good thing.

    Is there any more to be locked after globes? Maybe 2 globes, or something completely different....

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    the soccer ball on a pedestal is the last level

    Unlocking globes in training-2016-04-03-21_20_07-ny-besked.jpg

    Unlocking globes in training-2016-04-03-21_24_26-start.jpg
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