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Thread: How do i spot the fast trainers? (lvl 19)

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    Question How do i spot the fast trainers? (lvl 19)


    I know that they come from random clubs (you can tell by the clubname), but since almost every player have a value of 104-106M, how do you spot the fast trainers and the REALLY fast trainers? Almost every player also have the same wage/salary, so you really can't go for that either (high value, low wage/salary was usually a fast trainer).

    How do you guys spot the talented young players and what do you go for?

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    For your case, i will choose 19-21 years old players who are valued 106M. Those who are closer to next star are less likely fast trainer. 18 year old fast trainer is very rare in market.

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    just nordgens, not former academy players from higher clubs. not that hard to identify former scouts and nordgens
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    If I am not mistaken level 19 is the level where you have to look for the odd ones out, as in those who sell for 107 million. They are rare. My fast trainers now sell at 109 million for instance. But to be honest I have only seen maybe 20 of them in 2 weeks now and all on spots I have already covered
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    I have checked the record for my team at level 19. The maximum market price for the players I brought were 106M. Among these players, for 18 years old ones, average training progress with light sketching was 10.6-16.3 skill progress. For the only 19 years old one, average training progress was 18.8.

    Probably there was players selling at 107M but they are very rare. You can get good one with 106M if they are not too close to 6 star.

    I did not keep record of quality of these players on joining the team. But I believe that those 18 years old 106M fast trainers all just reached 5 star.

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    check this
    - the summary and post #296
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