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Thread: Corner taker - good passer or good crosser?

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    Corner taker - good passer or good crosser?

    I've a CM with the corner specialist ability. And as you already know, crossing is not an important stat for a CM.

    My question is:
    A corner taker should have or rely on high passing stat or high crossing stat? I'm not quite sure on how the game engine calculates this.

    Back in those days, the old version, we just spammed the ATK stats on our free kick and corner specialists.
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    Both but mainly crossing.

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    Corner kick is just a kick.Any good attacker can take it lol
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    LOL~ i will never let my MC to have corner kick skill...i think i will still leave it for my ST (if the ST is not tall) ST/AMR is from recommend player...which he comes with the corner kick....(and he is not the tallest in my team...only 182cm... ) and he is very good at that... last season 21 assists, just in league , and 90% came from corner.... LOL