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Thread: Are Wingers the best players of your team ?

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    Are Wingers the best players of your team ?

    It's been about 18 seasons of 4-5-1 V Style.. i've always had great wingers.
    This season i had to buy 2 new scouts and they'r performing great so far..
    Are Wingers the best players of your team ?-scout.jpg
    Are Wingers the best players of your team ?-scout.jpg

    How about yours ?
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    The same here,they are doing great,but my AML is simply brilliant,from the first day he started,i have never had a player like himAre Wingers the best players of your team ?-2016-05-08-4-.jpgAre Wingers the best players of your team ?-2016-05-08-3-.jpg

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    Are Wingers the best players of your team ?
    No, not in the last 2 seasons or so that I have played this year (2016); but, they were so in 2 of the 3 seasons that I have played in 2015.

    Wingers probably appear to be the 'best players' for some users because of the main styles (formation and orders) the manager used, and also as seen in the posts above, the players were overpowered relative to the level that they were used. Also, wingers are usually given the priority to take corners and free-kicks. All this make them to appear as if they are the better performing players.
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    Yes, my best players are my wingers. They combined for 120 of the teams 187 goals last season. This season, well my league is significantly weaker so the backups are playing against the weaker teams in league. But my AMR/ST has scored 8 goals in CL and 7 in the cup to date.
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    Best performers yup.

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    Oh yes they are my Mr/AMR its a monster and its already 9 seasons and any other winger I put on the Team its great so I can say that they carry the team on they back for many seasons.

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    Don't you think they are great because of their skill?? Any player with high skill will be great.

    However, my aml 4* and amr 5* are doing really great specially the 4* one
    When I play 442 and focus passing right flank, my ml 3* gets man of match with most goals, although other players are 4-5*.
    Really weird, isn't it

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    Yes they are.

    Are Wingers the best players of your team ?-1.jpgAre Wingers the best players of your team ?-2.jpg

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    Every player can be best but I like to talk about "VALUABLE PLAYERS".
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    yes, shadow striker ability helps a lot, I have it on both AML, AMR ....

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