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Thread: message not enough memory

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    message not enough memory

    today i want to look at a friends match

    i get a error message topeleven has not enough memory ? (facebook)

    this is the first time i did get this rare message
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    I have reported that in one of my posts today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tactician View Post
    By the way, there seems to be another problem in this game recently for the browser version 2016: a message pops up saying something like 'the game is low on memory... reload', when the user is browsing through the game (seeing profiles, teams, players and so on). This is probably not due to local hardware limitations because my PC still had a decent of RAM available when this message was shown. So far, I have had this message 3 times, and each time the game had to be reloaded (in fact, it reloaded automatically by itself after clicking on the 'pop-up' window, that is a user can't close the window and reload later).
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    never had this problem before my pc has 8 gig of ram with i7 processor

    so we did get a bad update yesterday memory leak issue ( i think)