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Thread: A guide to create your own association

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    A guide to create your own association

    When we start the game, we open at least 14 facebook profiles.
    We could choose first names of friends , family members or school mates.
    We don’t want to get confuse much, so we choose one last name for all.
    We must choose something common so not to leave traces for someone to search for us
    Smith, that’s a good choice !
    There are so many Smiths that is untraceable .
    A guide to create your own association-1-smith-matrix.jpg

    London England, the city and some landscapes in our photo.
    Better choose the same emblem and jersey for every team. Something in green and black
    Be careful at that. We must be concentrated or else we could make a mistake like Mr Duncan’s Smith emblem.
    And we’re ready
    A guide to create your own association-1-profiles.jpg

    The purpose is to participate in a league with as much as possible teams.
    A guide to create your own association-2-5-smiths-lv10.jpg

    Well, it’s not so easy you know, you must loose or promote your teams every season.
    A guide to create your own association-3-smiths-same-league-lv17.jpg

    But sometimes we can get very close. It’s really hard to avoid those annoying outsiders

    A guide to create your own association-4-smiths-league-lv18.jpg

    We can save our tokens if we want, or to teach some lessons to those noobs
    A guide to create your own association-5-auction-vs-nik-1.jpg

    We can even make our own bidding war if we want
    A guide to create your own association-6-smiths-vs-smith-auction.jpg

    Gemma vs Duncan, like that couple, you know
    A guide to create your own association-6-mr-ms-smith.jpg

    Well, what do you say ?

    • This guide is fake, just a joke
    • Those photos and teams are real and If you met them, you ‘re in the same server with me
    • Please don’t reply with quote this post. It’s too big. Just leave your comment.
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    Such a troll....

    Thought you had the latest scoop, Niko xD

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