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Thread: How do we play top eleven with google account ?

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    How do we play top eleven with google account ?

    Those are players who started playing TE with google account.
    How do we  play top eleven with google account ?-bot-bidders-2.jpg

    Thanks to my friend madflo who gave this info here
    How do we  play top eleven with google account ?-google-account-.jpg

    Some questions I have :

    1) We start a google account in google play, using only an email right ?
    2) It’s free but if we want, we can buy and use some google credit cards, right ? (for downloading a game/app that needs $ or some extra sources for a game)
    3) We get a general gamer ID (choose to create an account) like those above or we use different ID for every game ?
    4) If we want to start a TE new team, we download and start the game with our gamer ID ?
    5) So, we don’t need a fb account to play the game ?
    6) If we want to play the game from another device (our tablet or another mobile) can we do it using this code ?
    7) We must have also google + and what is the connection between our google + and google account ?
    8) How do we log in ? I can see two options in the screen : through fb or google plus (or we ‘re going in google play to continue our game)
    9) Can we change our name ? (yes, those strange bot names)
    10) If we have a (life) friend and want to be TE friends (but we are in different server), how can it be ?
    11) Can we connect our google account with fb ?
    12) Can we play with google account, also in our pc with an android simulator (like bluestacks) ?
    13) In that case we ‘re playing in our pc but with the mobile version ?
    14) Are those above also for IOS ?
    15) Is this something new ? I only see teams from level 1 -2. I can't see teams like those in higher levels.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge !
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    I'll answer some.
    1. Yes, you'll make an account and it's very easy.
    2. Don't know
    3. I think the same for all the games. However you can add other accounts with Google play.
    4. You can play as guest then connect with Google account or choose sign in with Google account and you will have a new team.
    5. Yes. You can play the game: through the fb, Google, or just play as guest.
    6. I think so.
    7. You can create a Google account then it will head you to choose gamer id and profile.
    8. You will choose through Google then choose your account. It's very easy
    9. Yes!!! And the picture as well
    10. Don't know.
    11. I think so, you have the option to do that through settings tab. But why ? Connecting with one account is enough.
    12. Yes. On any android device.
    13. Yes.
    14. Don't know.
    15. Not many old players know that.
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    Some medo missed:
    2. Yes.
    6. Yes. Confirmed.
    10. For that I guess we'll need Facebook. My real life friend played TE earlier, we circled each other on G+, but his name didn't show up.
    14. Yes, if you mostly use Google services, since the account's same anyway (but why will you buy iCrap then in the first place)
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