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Thread: Team lvl 5 - new season, few advices ?

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    Team lvl 5 - new season, few advices ?

    hy all
    I'm a new /old player on this game. Old because i start playing this game around 4-5 years ago or more, but i abandoned the team because playing trought facebook was very slowly(computer resources). I still have that team, it was on automantic pilot and now it is around lvl 22.
    But i start playing on droid with a new team, and now i'm lvl 5.. I like some improvements in new te2016, some not. Good - On training lvl i'm lvl 45 and all phisicall are world class, i still work on others( atack and defense). Bad - lack of money, too many games in a single day.
    My questions :
    1. i seach all over but i can't find any advice , how to set up the ticket prices ?..
    My stadium has around 10k seats but in some wining games(last season), i had zero spectators. Now , on lvl 5 maximum is 23 usd...etc... for a ticket in my league. What is the optimum price ?
    2. I have a big issue in improving my team, due to lack of money. Now, i have around 5 mil, but yesterday i saw few nordgens with 8-10 mil. I cant buy any kind of players because are to expensive.I cant sell players from my team, because they are not good enough to make profit .
    Any advices ?

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    Some tips (as in lower levels money is a problem)

    - Don't forget to make a progress in your stadium. Ok, maybe not the next day but don't ignore it
    - Don't finish earlier (spending some T per extra day) your stadium facilities, just follow the normal progress.
    With that way you 'll finish on time. Remember that in every level, there is a limit in attendance.
    If you build a huge arena early, they won't come.
    Check this

    Build first the seats

    You can use the search button, in the upper right corner, set some key words in advanced search, like "tickets".
    You 'll have some interesting older posts -like this

    Some good general rules for tickets are
    - the max price of the ticket in your lv/ 3
    - the number of your level X 2,5-3
    It 's just a number to start testing because it depends also from the performance and the results of your team.

    In friendly games, the prices must be MUCH lower but don't play friendlies. It 's not worthy for your lv. The price and the stadium is small.
    maybe after having a stadium of 100 K' .

    Good money can come from CH.L. so try to promote every season in CH.L. groups.
    If not, better stay in the same league.

    Also read this. Some tips can be useful for you.

    Of course if you have/use/farm extra token or money, things are more easier.
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