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Thread: Playing for group of Top eleven

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    Question Playing for group of Top eleven

    Dear Admin of Top eleven,

    I have question which related to play by group in Top eleven.
    We have friend group (7 peoples), we are working same company.
    Last time, we always played in same League for each season ( from season 1, season 2 .... season X).
    We only invited 7 peoples in the group via Facebook ID not invited any other friend.
    I don't know why we cannot in same League after end the season1 at this time.Everybody will separate for each other league after end of season 1. So, we cannot bet together any more. Because, we have event for our group and it's very funny if we have same league for each season.

    Thanks to keep the configuration as last time or create new option for playing group !!!

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    It's hit and miss that you'll always end up in the same league as your friends. Why don't you just bet on highest position in the league or on wins / goals scored / top players etc?

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    Thanks to keep the configuration as last time or create new option for playing group !!!
    don't believe to that much
    Playing with life/fb friends was an old feature of top eleven.
    But before about 1 year or more they stopped that.
    I participate twice with a second team in leagues with friends (with our own rules) but it stopped.
    Now it's almost impossible (or very very rare) to be in the same league with some fb friends.

    I hope it wasn't an idea of a guy who thought :
    "Hey, those 7 guys, fb friends, playing every season in their league, for fun, without spending token or farming packs
    so they 're not "good customers" of the game. Let's split them from now on"

    * only a guy named "Smith" managed to keep his fb friends in the same league.
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