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Thread: Aerial Defender SA

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    Cool Aerial Defender SA

    I Must say that aerial defender sa really helps and works ...... I use to lose due to corners and opponent scores every now and then by them against me.......
    So I decided to buy Aerial defender I bought one DC and DC dr both for just one token with aerial defender sa.... 22-24 years old..... Later on I bought youngster 19 yo too..... The three o them ensure that I score a lot via corner as well as no one can score via corner against me..... Including this most of the ccrosses are blocked too...... I love my team

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    I want you guys to tell me about some sa too.... And please help me find a good corner taker

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    I find that Aerial Defender helps a lot in corner, Defensive Wall usually blocks free kicks and Corner Specialist makes a lot of assists.
    Free kick specialist is very fluctuating, sometimes he scores a lot, sometimes he will never score again after a good start.

    Forget Penalty Kick Specialist, it's always a 50%-50% and they never helped me during the final penalty kicks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shivam Chaudhary View Post
    I want you guys to tell me about some sa too.... And please help me find a good corner taker
    Corner takers should be AML/R or ML/R, since crossing and creativity is an important attribute for them. Nowadays players tend go gain a lot in their important attributes. And don't train players SA, waste of time.
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    In the days I had a pair of Aerial Defenders as DC and DL/DR had Defensive Wall, the defence was so impregnable to set-pieces that I could have put a one-legged, half-blind dwarf in goal. The only problem was the pesky direct shots...
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    I don't currently have a 5* aerial defender but i have 2 DCs with 125%+ heading and they clear most of the long balls.

    I rate it as useful as defensive wall. Next, CK and FK followed by dribbler and playmaker.
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    I have 2 aerial defender DCs. One is 134% heading and the other is 184% heading. They clear everything on corners. I'm not sure if the SA actually helps since they are already high on heading. These two were made when the game allowed a lot of pack farming and power training was easy. Now, it's probably a waste to train them in the SA. I prefer to let their other skills develop.

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