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Thread: me defeat 5-1 lol?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by farouta View Post
    hahaha !! i lost 5-1 yesterday to team much lower than mine, i have average team 46 quality, his is 30 quality !!!!
    maybe because of formation, tactic, players moral and condition
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsx_vlad View Post
    i am level 11 and played match on champions league and loose my first defeat on c1 and have very good team and other bad and my defeat 5-1! 5!
    WTF?and never goal conceded on c1 this season!
    speak me please for what reason me defeated?
    i can understand that you dont speak english very well.. my english is bad too.. but this is funny

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    It seems that whenever we lose in this game we blame:
    1- Nordeus
    2- The server
    3- That the opponent is a token buyer
    4- The poor economical situation in Europe
    5- The Pope
    6- Obama
    7- Winter
    8- Etc

    WTF people, you should win every game or what? Come on, get over it and step up like a man not like a crying baby. And the funniest thing: this is a freaking game!!!
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