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Thread: Are they NORDEGENS??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevo.2001 View Post
    What's a Nordegen?
    I believe the players which are released from Top Eleven staff team..

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    the 5* faster trainers you can buy (expensive young players from bot teams).
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    @ Alessio Fitch

    If you have a player world class, it's a bad idea to add new position now (or a special ability).
    This we must do only when we buy our player and he is still 5*.
    You 'll throw away many greens for that.
    If he was 5*, I would train him with the old one, gathering sp and give them to new position.
    In the new training too, you must add new position and all the gaining goes there (unless you choose to pause this)
    1 sp daily gift from friends, goes auto to quality, so if you want to add it in sa or extra role, when you open the gifts, do it from the old version.

    also check this
    Thanks bro ! I'm gonna make him superstar soon enough, and try for legend by the season ends He's a machine, double goals than matches..

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