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Thread: Special Scout , only 5 stars?

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    Special Scout , only 5 stars?

    Hello ,can anybody if it's happen to him too?
    i got this special Scout that i buy from time to time players , but i got today only 5 stars player and not 6...
    and another thing , every season since this new top eleven starts i can see that there is no new players , it said on the news feed i got new players on scout , but when i go there , there is no new players , same players for the whole season
    i found my self with no good players and i won't buy players with 59 or 69 tokens that they are over 24 yo...
    too many bugs...and i am not talking about the high memory my pc need to load the new i play the old version in order to play normal...with no crush...
    but sometimes i use my friend's mobile.

    Special Scout , only 5 stars?-no-6stars.jpg

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    it is team average -.-~~~
    and scout list is only has new player when someone buy one from the list~so if you see the player there for the whole season.... mean no one buy from the list....
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    Not good enough , in the old version , every few days i had new players no matter if someone buy or not ,
    And 79 tokens for 5 stars players from special scout???!
    give me a break...
    loads of bugs and unfair game...
    i guess you working with Top11 trying to convince your self that you OK...
    Thanks for the reply , try better answer mate.