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Thread: Question for experienced players

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    Question for experienced players

    I'm currently on level 7 and although I enjoy the game it does seem non competitive for me?
    I've collected almost 2000 coins the apps I've downloaded so I've bought scout players and most of my team is 6/7 stars now.
    In my league the average level is 45-52 so they are not very competitive or much of a challenge for my team which is 63.
    So as you progress do you find the leagues have players that play more regular like myself?


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    if you want some good competition, try for the treble.
    That's a good challenge.
    Or join associations Cup.
    Or send friend request to active strong teams, to play together in the same league next season.
    There are many ways (to make your life difficult - lol)
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    2000 tokens????? Which country are you from to be able to farm that amount from apps?

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    i was about to ask the same question,2000 token??
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    Easy....get rid of all your players and keep one or two...then fight on from there. Pretend u are Southampton with only Le Tissier as star player there and utilise only raw managerial tactics.

    Only loser managers need 11 Lionel Messis in the team. A 5-year old kid can win the treble with 11 Messis.

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    haha~ i think the whole question you ask... most people focus on your 2000 tokens~ LOL cause lot of people can't get more then 20 token from the app....

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    I'm in England.
    I've signed up to 3 or 4 gambling apps which give you lots of tokens.I think 1 give me 1001 for a £10 deposit.