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Thread: New season calendar

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    New season calendar

    Is just me or the games are only 3 hours apart from each other? This season in almost every day my games League-CL or League-Cup are only 3 hours apart, Jesus, the day has 24h... why only 3h...they only rest one time before the next game (6%). It's not like i'm swimming in green packs, and the lack of videos doesn't help at all.

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    I agree

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    Me too. I have already used to this.

    As I remember, in one season, all the CL group stage matches of one of my teams are 3 hours apart or only 1 rest between these matches. The Cup matches are the same before my team was eliminated. This situation never ends. So after my teams promoted to higher levels and all matches become big challenges, I want to stop playing Cup asap.

    I live in East Asia. I guess this problem is more common for East Asian teams. Nordeus usually tries to arrange matches at time most convenient to the managers according to their time zones. As I understand, most T11 teams come from Europe or similar time zones. For East Asian teams, if most of their opponents are European time zone teams, the overlapped convenient time for 2 teams is very limited. So time of matches between East Asian & European teams are usually arranged in this short period and thus it is difficult to avoid to arrange 2 such matches on same season day with times close to each others.

    In contrast, for European teams, as most of their opponents are in similar time zones to them, there will be a long period of convenient time to arrange matches. So I guess this problem is less common for them.

    There are relatively less teams come from North or South America. I believe these teams may also face similar problem. As T11 season day start hours are in the middle of day time of S or N America, their available time for matches are further limitied. Moreover, they also face a problem that there are often 3 matches arranged on same calendar day. This is because most of their opponents do not come from similar time zones to them, but are from Europe or even Asian time zones. It is quite common that 2 matches on different season days are arranged on same calendar day.

    This situation is not fair to some of the managers, but I understand that it is not easy to avoid. I regard this as a special challenge, just like other challenges such as less tokens or packs available comparing with managers from other countries.