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Thread: Tickets prices

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    Tickets prices

    How do I know what are the correct prices for my league tickets, cup and champions league? If I'm level 24, and my stadium level 14, what prices do I have to set?

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    if you 're lv24 that means (according to that )
    you can gather 260 K fans.
    If you have a lv14 stadium , that means you have about 180 k seats.
    So you must have it full in every game.
    A first step to start, is to have 2 to 2,5 X level.
    Then you raise it little by little.
    Of course it depends from other factors too (like some other facilities as parking, or how successful is the career of your team).

    *In friendly games (or asc.) it's different. There must be much lower the price.
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