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    That's why some people think this game is fishy

    There's this team who is in 4th position now. Globally weaker quality than the teams above him, yet he manages to win.
    In the first leg I won 4-3 by luck, scoring at the very last minutes.

    That's why some people think this game is fishy-te1.jpg
    That's why some people think this game is fishy-te6.jpg

    Troll result? Unlucky day? Ok, could be, we should accept that once because it's football, the ball is round and it's realistic and blah blah blah. But still he won against other strong teams. Well, ok. Today I had to face him again and this happened.

    That's why some people think this game is fishy-te2.jpg

    Compare the teams. The only difference is that we both have every player with a SA. Do SA kick in so much during the game? If yes, why mines do not? Still, there's a lot of quality difference, SA shouldn't make that much difference. The runner up has higher quality and all SA, still it wasn't such a danger for me and I won very easily.

    That's why some people think this game is fishy-te4.jpg
    That's why some people think this game is fishy-te5.jpg

    I tried to change tactics, putting one more defender, using more attackers, going all out attack, offside, no offside, counter attack and not. Of course I used wingers where he had none, it failed. It failed going for the center as well obviously. Attack bonus, possession bonus etc. No s**t, I couldn't stop him. All my actions fail badly, he has only a few actions in the live match and I know he will score 100%.
    Still I scored 108 goals in the league, conceded 8 (4 of which against this team), won every match except this one (with one lucky win against him).

    I won matches by 6-0 up to 13-0, except here where I can't score.

    Manager absent in both matches. How does this game work for these magical teams?
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    Thanks for this detailed report.

    This helps us a lot in order to improve the game engine simulation. Much more than "OMG AN UNFAIR DEFEAT THERE IS A CONSPIRACY AGAINST MY TEAM!!!" with no data at all
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    what intresting is your game statistic
    save - your oppo make 0 save - your 4
    shot on target - your oppo 7 - yours 1

    bad day for your team but how can it be twice with the same team?
    here i m just assuming he used the same order and tactic against your team and that order is the counter of you team order and tactic. not once but twice against you magic formula.(i just assuming)

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    it's not a bad day or a lucky result.
    This could happened only for 1-2 games, not for the whole season.

    It's like what I 'm saying here #24

    There are some teams which without any obvious reason (like my example, a low q team with an abnormal formation like your case), have some chemistry or this
    ot once but twice against you magic formula
    HairDryer mentioned.

    It's just a mystery - lol
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    from 3 seasons a go this result happened to me ....

    That's why some people think this game is fishy-aaaa.jpg

    this in the first leg the second leg i beat him only 1-0

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    Couldn't agree more, thank you for pointing out this iniquity.

    The odd bad result is expected but the frequent occurrence is appalling

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    This happened to me several times... Crying....

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    Nice detailed report, but there are some hidden factors in this game that I cannot explain. Troll result will happen all the time. We all have been there. One deciding factor may be players that outperform your whole team. In my league I have myself a superb player that produces 2,5 goals/assists per game. That is an incredible number. I haven't lost a match yet. Still there is one team only 1 point behind me and he has a player that has scored 51 goals and 15 assists in 17 games. That is 3,5 goals and assists. His average rating is 9,6! Game decicding player if you ask me.
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