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Thread: What's the reason / motivation to move up one league?

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    Quote Originally Posted by t11_fan View Post
    Besides financial bonus, new stadium upgrades, increased attendance limit (up to level ~16 I think) and, if you reach top 4, playing Champions League, there is no other real reason to get promotion.
    Promotion is also useful for new players to reach level 4 and unlock negotiations.
    For me, promotion is good only if I finish in top 4, otherwise I don't want promotion at all. Those financial bonuses we get for 5th, 6th and 7th place are nowhere enough for reconstruction of team for next season. My team has world arena built so now I don't care about stadium upgrades
    For low and middle levels, even winning 2 or 3 competitions are not enough. They made it like mathematically impossible unless you will be buying mostly cheap players; there is always the need to do investments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevo.2001 View Post
    I buy about Six scout players at the start of the new season.This is enough to get you through the season winning the CL and league without defeat.
    Scout player are the biggest waste of money there is. They youngest they get is 22 and the 22 year olds are 69 tokens. ( intresting number). I bought a five star player and trained him up a star using some unique training methods i saw on youtube. And when he's get tired I'd jst use my ad offers to heal him. When I'm out of them i Use some rests and eventually i get a scout player.

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    I like the idea of the endless road, the road itself is for me the target. So dont even think on not promoting (unless I'll have a lack of time, in this case I wished a break option, indeed).
    Its fun to plan the team seasons ahead, being in a challenge to push young players to the next level.
    No idea how the situation is in high levels.
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    I do not like the fact that the players do not have a date of birth as we managers do. Because my second adolescent comes with the last day of the season and the next one is already a year older and 1 star lower, which automatically put him on the market ...! It would be nice if the players score goals and injuries bring a token for their manager or at least in the statistics there is to write a top scorer / assistant number 1 in the X season, which is prestige.

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    I think you can see the goals of this game under 2 points of view:

    1) Winning more and more trophees and being remunerated:

    You win your league,or qualify in top 4 positions in League to take part in Champions league next season.
    The trophee gives your team money,but also the chance to go in Champions league again ,regardless your position in league.

    If you qualify between 5 and 8 place in league,or arriving at place 3 in champions league group stage,you
    take part in Nivea Superleague that gives winners the qualification to next Champions league.

    In this point of view,more competitions you play,the most you are remunerated.

    Actually Cup is a standalone and often complicate competition ,so i play it in the best way I can,but with no extra charges...

    2) Your manager career in top eleven:

    it depends on how many promotions you get in the seasons while you have been
    managing your team.

    Which competition allows you an actual upgrade for your team and career?
    League only.

    Consider that the highest number of competitions you manage,the highest economical (for you) and physical (for your team)
    charge is required.

    Immagine you are the winner of Champions League and Cup (and both competitions were +1 level higher).
    It's a fantastic result,but your team is so tired and might pay a fee in reaching promotion in league.

    You won 2 trophees but lost one level.

    Every season is different from the previous one, as it's up to you to decide which really matters in your management:

    Trophees and promotion (if Ok)
    Promotion and trophees (if any)

    or all has same priority ,(in this case your job is harder....).

    There's much to be done yet,so you cannot annoy, as far as
    your server has enough teams in top level (otherwise issues begin)
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    Before I level up I make sure that I win the league.... then the level is done and I can move up, if I am not ready to be promoted I just stay down and wait for my moment of truth... level 36 , 35 league wins (once I finished second in level 3 when I didnt have this goal set up in my mind)

    Also there is no need to be in a hurry as I read on the forum once you reach top levels (above 40) its getting downhill big time....

    Once I reach level 3 on trebles, I will leave the game, thats my goal ..... 4 more trebles left to be won

    just have fun playing it , its only a game with the limits
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