I can not express my disappointment first and then the joy of this match for the cup! As you will see in the pictures in Nordeus 11 no logic. The matches are not decided by league players or the tactics or the scheme. These things only would help not receive handball results!
As you can see the video in the first match out with holders on the highest fitness and morale. Lose the match with 6: 0 !!!!!!!!!!! Of course, cancel the second leg and did the whole match. I do not know how to win the match with 7: 0 and therefore decide to let the reserves play and adolescents who notice are red fitness due to intensive workouts that their conduct. And what becomes of the second leg? Win 3: 1 HHAhAhAHHA, laughter! With reserves of youth without BONUS not to spend extra money and without've restored the players!
Nordeus 11 tell me ve people tell me! How to keep playing this parody !? Tell me, please! Playing this miracle of three years, the sweat and frustration I threw. How do you explain that with the reserves and juniors and then the whole team is under 50% fitness usoyava to beat the same composition 3: 1, two days before it was defeated holders with all top and with 6: 0? !? !!?!?! How? HOW? How ve people? If you have courage answer!