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Thread: League difficulty

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    League difficulty


    I've been playing Top Eleven for a few months and had some questions!

    I am currently in my 2nd or 3rd season and have found League games far more difficult for me then CL or Cup ties. Is there any reason in particular this might be? CL & Cup matches I can find myself approx. evenly matched w/ opponents with average quality only varying by a few points or percent but do very well, I'm currently in semis on both CL and Cup. However when I play league games I normally have a much higher quality team then my opponents (usually over 5-10 pts and 10-20%) however I'm only in 5th place and have found myself on the losing end
    !multiple! times to inferior quality teams. Could this simply be tactics related?

    Also, outside of the prestige of finishing 1st or possible treble, is there any real benefit to winning league? I'm imagining the bonus' probably isn't 500-600% higher then 2nd.

    Additional info:

    I have already maxed out player performance bonus for league games.
    Manager level 4
    Team quality - 38.8 / 95%
    Formation - 4-2-3w-1
    Tactics: Attack - Normal - Mixed - Mixed - On
    Tactics: Defense - Low - Normal - Zone - Off

    If you want to know addtnl info please let me know.


    Thanks for the help.

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    The most important is to be in the next CH.L. , so now you 're out (with 5th position) .
    About opponents, some times we think that we 're better in q so why not set attack.
    But many times you 're losing if oppo can defend his posts and his counter attacks are going well.
    Why don't you try also to play defense/counter vs weaker teams, to see how it works.

    Also if you have many players for rotation, try to find those who are performing better in the league than in CH.L., use them and use the others for CH.L.
    If you have strong friends and you 're playing together in the league, "unfriend" them last Saturday, before the new season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    The most important is to be in the next CH.L.
    This is what I had figured (regarding CL play), I will try researching proper tactics and see if this helps.