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Thread: Fresh start

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    Fresh start

    Next season I will start with a brand new team im sweeping my selection clean due to the terrible performance anyone else doing the same? Let me know.

    Im thinking on playing 4321 with aml amr what are your thoughts let me know.

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    I am going into 3rd season, will continue to use 4-5-1 v style. Its been working good for me, i won title and cup first season, and cl cup and league title/runner up this season. Just make sure ur best players are ur wingers. Cheers

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    I like 4-3-2W-1, it's what I've been playing for the last couple of seasons. It doesn't have a lot of counter formations. Mainly 4-4-1-1, which not a lot of managers are playing. Also, 4-3-2W-1 for me is one of the few formations that stands a chance against 4-5-1V.

    You need good wingers, as they will be your main scorers (in terms of performance, not just highest quality). You need some solid MC's. With AML/ML and AMR/MR you can easily switch to 4-5-1 flat, or (if you have a DMC) 4-5-1V against tough opponents.

    You'd expect to have trouble against formations playing with AMC, since 4-3-2W-1 doesn't have a DMC to counter it. I however don't find it makes that much of a difference.