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Thread: League, Cup and Champions League Schedule

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    League, Cup and Champions League Schedule

    Hey guys, i'm wondering if there's a way for me to change my schedules next season. All of my games are being played in the morning here (Brazilian time) and that's when i'm working. I'd very much like to change them either to the afternoon or to the night period. Is there a way? I know that we can choose associations home games schedule, so, why can't we do the same with our home games at every competition? (or can we?)

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    Agree.. my match times r ridiculous. Always 10 am

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    the Schedule is force you to use packs... don't you get it??

    yet, they say that is fine, not forcing you to use, but they make it the way they force you, only league and CL, they still put 3 games in a day!! and all within 12 hours (while the following day you have no match)~ what is this schedule.... O... yeah, they tell you to have 22 players~ so that you can change, but my games are at 10am , 2pm and 7pm~ tell me 22 player without using packs can do it !

    what they do is trying to force you to use $$ to buy packs~ and they cut down the free stuff at the same time so that you can't farm...
    yes, you can change the schedule, but you need to use the token...o... what is that?? that means keep you to spend~~

    ok, time for those "defender" come out to say i am wrong and talk about their "wonderful" plan~

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    I support allowing managers to choose an around 8 to 12 preferred hours for matches.

    For your matches in these hours, your opponents are most likely Asian teams. Your matches against European are likely arranged in the afternoon.

    I don't participate association matches. As I understand, association matches do not affect player conditions. I think 2 association matches may even play in same hour. So it is less restriction on scheduling.
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