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Thread: striker questions

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    striker questions


    Question 1.

    So I play 451V with 1 striker up top, I have two main ones, a 5 star and a 6 star one but when the ball comes in they tend to pass the ball back wards to my CM's or CDM

    is there any attributes or anything that effects the strikers chances to push toward goal instead of holding the ball up and playing it backwards?

    - they both have 1-on-1 scorer SA.

    Question 2

    Does height/strength/heading actually effect the strikers capabilities when crossing the ball into them from out wide? i probably only score 1 in 10 crosses to striker. id guess out of 10 there will be 7 interceptions, 1 goal, 1 miss and 1 pass back into team

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    Strikers issue is an old one
    lately I found a good one.
    He is very good at F-K.
    Success in corner kicks, depending from the kicker too.
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