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Thread: which one the game AI use? Player AVG or attack/def/phy skill or indivual skills

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    which one the game AI use? Player AVG or attack/def/phy skill or indivual skills

    i always was suspicious if Player average quality is more important than his attacking/defending/physical skills for the match AI.. more when some keep saying here that we need to keep the difference between attacking/defending/physical skills minimum, which i find it pointless unless the game is using the overall Average skill

    but after playing the game for the fourth season now, i can strongly conclude that:

    - player average quality mean nothing as the important thing is his skills in the attacking/defending/physical categories (ex: 41/41/41 for a scout striker with AVG 41, amazingly is preforming less than my 18yo old striker with AVG 38, but 45/25/45 and my scout start to improve by time when i add to his attacking and psychical skills to make it 45 or 46 .. same observations had been concluded for other players in other positions)

    - thus, it become non sense to train your players in an unnecessary skills to his positions, no wonder why they imposed 20 max skills difference or the player can't improve that skill further. so to reply to those who says "never buy a player with unbalanced attacking/defending/physical skills", well i can tell them now ... "it is not true, go and buy them"

    - do player individual skills (like shooting, passing...etc ) are more important than his overall attacking skill? well tbh you never need to look at those individual skills, is just pointless, bcz the difference between higher and lowest skill in one category (ex: attacking category) is really minimum. i think those skills are there just as a decoration or to eat more packs and tokens trying to improve them... in all honesty, the game could had gone with only those 3 skills : attacking/defending/physical without those individuals skills which is pointless
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