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Thread: Unwanted friendlies!!

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    Question Unwanted friendlies!!

    Is there any way to stop friendly match invitations without removing all my friends?? I have had idiot people schedule friendly matches just before some of my biggest league matches and as a result have been removed from my friends list however I would like to think that an option to turn friendly invitations on or off at certain times during the season would be a much better solution than not accepting friends in order to stop unwanted friendly invites.

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    U can now cancel the friendlies in the fixtures screen. Just yesterday I did cancel one just like this. If not make sure ONLY your friends are under your friends in this game!
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    I know personally i refuse all freind requests due to the issues of freindly matches. Especially when rivals in a champ league ask. Nothing stopping them from fielding a second team when they friendly me just before they play me in the league.
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    Actually friendlies are a terrible idea !!! there is now supposed to be 3 hours between games but only a couple of days ago i had a second match start within 5 minutes of a first match finishing. Friendlies should be "with the agreement of both managers" In order for a friendly to proceed you should opt in - not opt out!!! friendlies should not be granted as standard but not played until both managers agree!!!

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    @ july: you should add how to avoid friendly match in your guide:

    if you have 4 match in the next 24h, Nobody can schedule a friendly match with you, so get an abandon account or sup acc set 3 friendly match and cancel them once a day.
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