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Thread: Assistant manager as a fortune teller

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    Assistant manager as a fortune teller

    Many times I read comments of my a.m. saying
    Careful with your tackling, you opp is too dangerous from F-K (or something like this ) and thought that I will concede a goal next minutes from that (I think never happened )
    But today, in asc. match, my a.m. said "We can do better than a draw today".
    Say what
    It was 44' , before the break and I was winning 1-0.
    After the break, oppo manager made a sub and scored at 56' , 1-1
    (ok, afterwards I scored and won the game).
    I know it's something with synchronization of the server but still it was a lot of hour before.
    Suppose I can't do nothing to prevent this as it already happened but at least gives me some time to think my next movements.
    Any same experience ?
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    Never had my a.m. say such things in the game 😯 what could be the reason behind it....?

    hrid (football wizards)

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    Yes, had the same experience.

    Probably some timing issue between live animation and AM comments. Or AM is reacting to events that already have been calculated but haven't been shown in live animation yet.