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Thread: Bugs???

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    Hello there
    i don't know whats goin on , i hope someone could help me here...
    i won the championship , i finished first...
    although i didnt promote to the next level , i'm still at level 52 , they didn took my stars tho...but whats the point if i finished first and didnt got promote to the next level of 53...
    and i am not talking about the scout , really lousy scout...nothing to buy , most of players are old...and they have only one position...
    no worth buying any from scout...
    please fix this problem and promote me to the next level , this is isnt fair...

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    Do you want to challenge Level 53 CL as level 52 club level team?

    I heard that CL winner will play CL in next season. But I did not hear that CL winner will promote to next club level.

    Do they keep their promise to allow you to play CL even if your team was not in league top 4?

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    I won my regular league , first place , i am the Champion!!! (level 52)
    i found out today that i am still on level 52 , i should be on level 53 , i also won the CL first place...theres nothing to do with my regular league , why i am still on level 52???
    and i found my opponents that was behind 8th place are also 52 , why i need to be on level 52 if i won already the league first place...this is weird and i dont understand it...
    i think tthey want me to stop playing...other wise i don't understand it...

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    You've hit the highest level of the server I assume.

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    Thread is closed as posted again here
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