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    Friend request

    I am not usually a grumpy old bar steward but getting friend request once is okay but when you say no to one and keep getting more request is tiresome. I get this every season from the same managers when I am likely to play them in the next round of any cup competition. I even get requests to join their association. Why do they bother if it`s not just to wind me up?
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    This is something I encounter every now and then with my own accounts, Steve. The other Managers would start sending me friend invites for no apparent reason. This usually happens in the later parts of the season especially if I am doing really good in my competitions.
    I'm sure that some have ill in mind and basically use this as a form of harassment (There are still those who think that they can sabotage your club via Friendly matches...), while others just wanna befriend the top dogs.

    Either way, unfortunately at this present time there is no way to just block off such individuals. What I personally do though is I just leave the request pending and never approve/decline it.

    Ye it's a half-assed way of dealing with the issue but as I said, currently you can't block 'em off.
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