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Thread: Tokens offers or discounts

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    Tokens offers or discounts

    Hi all, i am not trying on being rude or something like that, but in any other games i have encountered times when the premium currency is given with a discount or with some extra when you buy a certain amount. Why this does not apply here? Like from time to time to give 24hrs of any% discount or something similar when you buy certain amount of tokens. I never buyed yet any tokens as my team so far is not too bad and i have won already the treble twice in the last 3 seasons. But i was looking forward to give some support to developers by buying some tokens - really would be great to have from time to time a discount (even once a year lol). Also i haven't seen any reedemable codes lately...

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    not last Christmas, the previous one, I bought a BIG pack (token + money + boosters) with 50% discount.
    Never saw that again
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    Yes, only in the first days of my join I have seen such offer, and one time in Christmas.

    I guess that marketing part of Nordeus is focused on creating expensive crap videos which gain no profit, than give some offers that will keep some pennies coming.
    No offense to admins