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Thread: "Specialist" vs "Allrounder"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giotto View Post
    It would be interesting to get more thoughts on this...Anyone?
    Don't know if there's a valid answer... I give you mine.
    Did you noticed for example speaking of MCs that some of them have better defensive attitude, while others passing attitudes. I mean when you assign skill point the players develope their ability in different ways: you can have an MC with 46 tackles 46 marking 44 position 46 headshot 40 take and others with 44 tackle 45 covering 48 marking 44 headshot and 42 take.... so, but that's just my theory, if you gave a look to the skills you can find the player attitude (more offensive or more defensive) and the position where he may perform better
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    As Giotto said there are skills that all players need spread across the categories.

    Using a striker for example I tend to concentrate on "Attack", "Physical & Mental" & then "Defence". Defence being a good whole 7 skill points behind Attack, as while he needs the Heading & Positioning skills I feel he needs all the Attacking skills more
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    2nd one sure .. i tested that .. but remember physical attributes is important too especially stamina
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