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Thread: not fair

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    not fair

    how is possible that a level 20 can bid on the market of level 4

    i was bidding on a player and he bid also on a level 4 player

    he can make 20 months tokens for free i pay real money for it

    so now i lose 44 tokens and this guy whas 20 months not active and he plays to players from level 4 not fair this

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    I guess you don't understand how the game works. A level 20 team can't bid for the same player as a level 4 team. The difference is on the manager level, for example before there was an option called "take over" so when he was level 20, at some point in the past, he took over another team level 1 or so and he started again with another team, that's why you see him as manager level 20 but the level of the team he manage now should be pretty much as your or +2 level maximum over your but not more.

    To understand better you can watch this old video. A manager level 9 took over a club who is level 1.

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