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Thread: Transfer Market

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    Transfer Market

    What on earth has happened to the transfer market??? Up until last season on my server there were loads of Nordgens available but I haven't seen any for ages now. Even at stupid o'clock there's nobody available worth buying.
    Are Nordeus trying to push us towards buying only Scouts, Recommended & Negotiations?
    I want title number 20 but my ageing team might not have it in them as they are all low 5* and getting on a bit.

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    The same goes for me.
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    1 of season day, nothing
    2nd and 3rd day some good amount of Nordeus, not many but enough

    Of course we are talking only at "stupid o'clock"

    Most of them were defenders and midfielders
    Very very few ST and AM, positions that recommendations prefer.. coincidence? no clue.

    But in general last 2 seasons I was able to build up a squad only with Nordeus and no scout/recommendations, so for time being it seems difficult to get but they are enough. (at least in my level)
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    Nothing here & Im checking from 4am (UK time )

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    I keep a fair eye on the market and im yet to see a single one so faar this season.

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    I've had a few Nordgems or Nordeus "noobs" [as I call them] lately but not a lot. They seem to be as rare as hens teeth at the moment that's [putting it politeIy]

    I'd also like to know, on a slightly different topic, why there are players on the market that have special abilities that don't even match their skill sets; ie I've seen Defenders with the Playmaker ability and with none of the skills to match it [I mean, come on! ] also with Freekick Specialist and no skills to match that too...! I mean, why!? I'd rather see Def's with Defensive Wall or Aerial Defender abilities, and I've seen players lacking the height to go with that one too. Are these just "failed/old players" recycled with a younger age and reduced stats, or just poorly chosen SA's by their original managers [more than likely the case]
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    today the market shwoed to me were only a few 5 stars players..........and a big roll of 4 and 3 stars.....i found it weird also cause i used to see alot of them....maybe the server were im in?

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    Up until the latest update of the game, the one that introduced the Super Legaue, I had gone through six seasons with barely any usable players on the market.
    Last season, there was a flood of Nordgens every single day, so much so that only one player was left from the previous season's roster after just three days. Some of the players I picked up on Day 1 was sold too to make room for players with special skills that nobody bid on in later days.
    This season the flood subsided somewhat, but I still managed to grab a few good ones.

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    What is a nordgen and how do i find them

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    market sucks from first day of season till today i couldnt find a high rated nordgen only a 3 n 2 star. Sucks!!

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