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Thread: Why do individual abilities even exist??

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    Why do individual abilities even exist??

    The title may be exaggerated, but I think they matter very little.

    Look at these players...

    Why do individual abilities even exist??-picture-2.jpg

    I played against this guy at least 10 times in the last 3-4 seasons and I lost 9 of them.
    The overall quality difference was 20-30% (he was stronger) all these times, my attack was over 200% all these times, possession 50-50 and equal number of shots (that means my tactics were better than his).
    So, as you see in the picture, it is a 100-130% defence against a >200% attack.
    My defence was pretty equal to his attack (180-200%)

    So why I lose?? Why he scores more goals with the same number of shots??
    It has been so many games that I can conclude that individual abilities matter very little.
    Unless 300% of fitness and speed (and crossing?? REALLY??) are enough to stop >200% of attack.
    That means that you can put 11 Usain Bolts in real life and win the CL.
    I doubt it.

    Why I lose?? Because the overall quality difference is 20-30%.
    For some reason Nordeus programmers compare the overall quality and give the stronger team an advantage.
    It's like the overall quality matters 80% and individual abilities only 20% or less.

    I think that Nordeus should change this.
    This game is about strategy. That means you should be good enough to know which drills are best to train your players for the right abilities.
    Not putting random drills, get fitness-speed to 400%, get your players to 9 stars and win everything.
    Sometimes you see players with 100% shooting, 400% speed and they scores goals from 50 metres, just because he is a 9 star player.

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    Agree with that usain bolt part

    and that's the bottom line because Top11 said so.

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    Nothing will change and it is wrong to point out flaws in the game. Or you just don't understand the game. That's about all you will hear on here. Now go and spend some money on tokens. /sarcasm off.