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Thread: Losing transfer auction for this "WAIT". WHY!

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    Losing transfer auction for this "WAIT". WHY!

    Losing transfer auction for this "WAIT". WHY!-screenshot_2017-01-06-02-46-36.jpg

    Losing transfer auction for this "WAIT". WHY!-screenshot_2017-01-06-02-48-22.jpg

    So I was waiting 1 hour on a transfer deal, when the clock hit 0 I got this 'ESPERE' (wait in portuguese) for like 2~3 minutes till i decide to restart the game and received this great message saying 'LEILÃO PERDIDO' (transfer auction lost). It's really funny I didn't get a 'connection lost' from the game for ONE STRAIGHT HOUR. And when I reconnect it took like 30 seconds, at best.
    This is not the first time nor is the last! This 'WAIT' started happening a 2~3 weeks from now and specially on great deals like these. Thanks NORDEUS! Before people ask, i'm from BR have a 30mb bandwidth (<---- IS IT RIGHT TO SAY BANDWIDTH FOR INTERNET SPEED?)
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    Tough Luck.

    I never won any auction before 2016 because of that
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