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Thread: Training age threshold.

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    Training age threshold.

    I know the first one is 18-21.
    When they turn 22 the skillgain from both training and games seems a fair bit less, especially training.

    Do we know what's the next threshold is?
    22-24 or 22-25?
    I got a guy that's 23 which i really like and hope to keep for a few seasons more.

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    Always two there are ...
    22-23, 24-25, 26-27
    above don't know
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    Ah i see.
    So my 23y old star is already starting to get old and will be harder and harder to keep up.
    Pretty boring system tbh. Most footballers peak later in age...
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    yes I have sold most of my key very good players at the age of 24-25, as when they are at 99% it is better to sell them and getting some tokens (people tend to make good offers with players with good stats) than train him and spend x2 or x3 the green packs.

    Of course this has some risk as you dispose a key player and you never know if you will find an ideal replacement.

    But this is how the game engine works so we should adapt accordingly although it is a bit unrealistic comparing with real football

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    I had read somewhere it was 18-21, 22-25, 26-29...
    Made some calculations on my players, and it seemed to match more or less. I had observed that skill gain halved at every threshold. Is it far from the truth?

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    18-21... 22-25... 26-29... 30+

    Progress from training and games goes down to 50% at age 22, then to 25% at age 26 and 12.5% for 30+ players...
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