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    Lost Tokens

    I used personal trainer on one of my players, he is 8 stars, I wanted to make him 9 stars so I spent 160 tokens to make him 9 stars then a further 180 tokens to up him again, they took the tokens off me, but my player stayed at the same level, I don't want people saying thats spending to much ect... just advice on how to get my tokens back.

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    Hey Sakura ^_^

    Please contact our support team, so that they can register your issue and assist you with solving it. You can reach the support either by tapping the "?" button while in-game or by using the web form.

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    first star is way cheaper than 2nd star

    usualy its 1 click to get a star but 3-4 clicks (3-4x more tokens) to get the 2nd star

    you didnt pay attention that your 2nd click didnt add the 2nd star, you need to click up 3-4 times