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    Question Firends group

    We are 7 people in our company and I would like to ask that how can we in same League.
    If we invite together then it will be put all in same league from Season 1.
    Thanks to check and answer !

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    Hey Amidavfc.

    Unfortunately accounts in Top 11 get distributed to servers automatically by the system and then, each season, League groups are set up by the game's match maker. This means that there isn't a sure way for you and your friends to end up in the same League group. :/

    If you have them as in-game friends (All of you are facebook friends), there is a higher chance that you'll end up playing in the same League with them but you will have to be on the same server, and as I explained, accounts are distributed to servers automatically by the system. You may end up with some of your friends on the same server while others won't be.

    The only sure way to play together as a group though is if one of you establishes a Football Association group, or F.A. for short (Requires that the Manager reach level 5 in the Training system - That's done by training your team as it will give you experience). But keep in mind that the maximum players that can join a single F.A. is six.

    One way or another, as I said, that's the only sure way for you guys to play together as a group.
    You can read all about what the F.A. is in our online F.A.Q. page.
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