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Thread: El' Clasico of my TE11 league.

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    El' Clasico of my TE11 league.

    Two heavyweight in league will face off today where Hendry Starr will entertain Halunkenbende with much anticipated match. Both team is currently top of their league with 9 wins with only 1 goal different in favor of the visitor.
    The rivalry between them stratch far back since season 19 if i can remember correctly. Now season 25 with Halunkenbande have a better head to head of 4 league winner then Hendry Starr with 2.
    So today will be their first meeting in the league at Hendry Starr Stadium, full house expected and winner will be top of the league with 3 point.
    This is what Hendry Starr manager have to say." After playing my rivalry for the past 6 or 7 season and my observation of the game i can say we both have a great telent in attack. I believe this match is not about quality in the attack but who will come up top in defence. We have two striker between us that is competing in the top goal and top rated player. If anyone of us can stop them will be the winner.

    Formation and line up.

    Who will come up winner in this El' Clasico.

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    I vote for Hendry, but just because I do not fancy heavy defensive line ups Let me know how it ended.
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    End in a draw
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    So finally the match have ended

    Winning by a goal much of a relief for the home team.
    We could have won the game by more goals but alot of miss chances. Overall our defence is fantastic and solid.


    with this win we unlock new achievement

    thanks all cheers!

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