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    Cool Top Eleven and You !!

    Hello everyone,

    hope you are good

    Top Eleven is the best game of football management (my personal opinion), game with competition, management, and challenge, especially you must love football to play it.

    I would like that you share our experience,your feedback, and ur advice too, tell us about your difficulties, your fun in the game, your evolution in the field ( football management) and is it true that the game teaches us football management?

    At your keyboard,

    PS This topic I wrote the same this in General Discussion in french,

    I hope find more interaction

    See you soon

    Club: Valhalla
    Purpose : to be football manager and lead my national team

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    Glad to hear that you are enjoying Top 11 Amoun It's always nice to see a happy Manager.

    For me personaly one of the most enjoyable and fun parts of Top 11 are the auctions. It is kind of like gambling, but I feel really satisfied when I win an auction and stand victorious above the others Got myself into a few bidding wars (I lack the ability to back out in time or to lose with dignity ), but it happens to everyone.

    I'm interested to see what the others will answer tho.

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    I dont like the auction, sometimes can go to round 30-40 , thats a lot of token wasted for a player who might not be performing.

    Regardless who is victorious, it could break a season for both parties. Especially for non token buyers. Even very minor token buyers like me also feel hurt for spending that much tokens on a player. I can understand why some of my friend managers who always active suddenly just left/inactive for a month because they lost it all, right on the first day, Lol.

    Maybe its just me, but I hates it when people hijack my deal. I rarely hijack other people deals. Even if there is 1 bidder there, i would likely avoid that player. I can think of maybe 2 out of my last 20 signings are hijacked deal. Those are players that i couldnt resist, must have. I always try to be the earliest bidders. One time, around round 20, i just had to delve quickly into my google wallet and top up my tokens just to fight him. Lol.

    I hope can limit it to just 15 or 20 rounds, after that the player just go to whoever bid the earliest. Might not be a good suggestion, i just say it.

    But its fun alright, playing against actual people. Winning while other manager are sleeping....not so fun. Losing against a missing manager, not fun at all. Winning while he is watching and changing his formation 4-5 times whole match is truly fun.
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    I always wait till the middle of the season to bid. It saves a lot of tokens and most of the players has expended their quota of tokens. This will never be and CM/FM but it is great all along. My only advice would be to put a level cap in this game so it doesn't go to ridiculous values and stars players, saw a topic about a high level complaning about not having good players in the market, max a 3~4 stars. I think a level cap should balance the game on the long way and make it more fun. Like cs-go, lol, dota ranks... World Class Players and etc...