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    Hi. I want to share some ideas to better play this game:
    1. Local tournments for the players in a association. All pay 1 or 2 tokens, the winner take all.
    2. Interaction with all facilities and more on the sub21, allowing the player to contribute to the development of the teen players.
    3. Promote sportcamps at start season. Pay more tokens for better camps.
    4. Prizes and medals to the players with more goals.
    5. Better prizes, in tokens, to cup winners. The association cup is now the more important competion and i think is wrong.

    Thanks to all from Portugal

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    1. i dont think so....
    2 to 5 been discuss before.
    anyway see what others hv to say.

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    Because software limitation? The local tournment will give a competive way and more controll to the players about their game. The friendly rule may apply in these local games.
    Actualy i think the friendlys are very limited, a way solely to test tactics.
    Thanks. About the other sugestions i will search and read

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    In your threads, administrating things up!
    Indeed, most have been suggested before.

    That doesn't mean that it's not helpful to see them suggested again actually.
    This shows which are the most requested improvements and/or features in the community which shows the devs what road to take when updating Top 11.

    Thanks Jorgejavc.
    But can you give me some more details about 2. and 3.?