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    Get off his back!

    Hey fellow T11 managers.

    So this is my 7th season now and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the game.

    Looking around the forum's I rarely if ever see anyone give the Nordeus guys a pat on the back(: Though many seem to want to jump on it and gripe!

    Well done Nordeus team for working hard, making money (gawd forbid!) and delivering to me a cracking little football management sim.

    Keep listening, updating and improving cause I want to play for many seasons to come yet.

    All the best.

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    yes the game is good now and improving ,still i don't like the offside system
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    Its a fun and addictive game. Good job from them. Into mid-50 season and still haven't got bored. But then again, football alone has a global pull! But you know as they say, there is always room for improvements!
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    Thank you for the kind words guys.

    We definitely don't feel like your fellow managers are "at our throats" or anything of the sort thought. Everyone provides their feedback and story in their own unique way. Indeed some players may come off as hostile when sharing criticism. We're all prone to lashing out sometimes when frustration takes hold of us at some point, and when you are passionate about something it's easier to get to that point. That doesn't devalue what each and everyone says though.
    As long as the conversation is kept in a civilized tone everything one says can be "heard" (Read) and understood regardless of it being sugar-coated or down right gritty in it's presentation.

    We are aware that there are parts of the game that can be improved upon, and improve on them we do. Top Eleven is a 7 year old game after all, but I dare say that it does still feel fresh and the "face lifting" its been receiving in the past couple of years did help for that freshness to rejuvenate.

    Sorry that sometimes it takes longer to fix, adjust, redesign, or otherwise. Don't think that we're unaware. There are just many reasons that can hold of an update being released, or a fix being implemented and so on.

    We are thankful that the community is live and doesn't stray from asking harder questions. That's why we have this forum running. And that's why we welcome every one to share their thoughts and especially their criticism. Even though sometimes it can feel a bit demoralizing for some of us here, heh.

    Thank you to everyone who sticks with us. But to those that may feel let down, I hope we will be able to improve Top 11 in ways that will make the game feel fun for you again.