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Thread: Troll results at certain time periods

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    Troll results at certain time periods

    This is my 33d season but it's actually my first season I face such a strange problem. In me league I've lost 5 games out of 21 by now - smth which never happened to me previously. I've lost the games to the bot teams whose managers have abandoned the game long time ago and in my league they are placed from 10th to 14th posotions. They are 30-40% lower than me. Some of the teams even have ST in place of GK. They play standard tactics for which I always have several counter-tactics.

    Now the strange thing is that all these games were played from 15.00 till 16.00 local time. Till now I have played 7 games during this time period of which I lost 5. 2 more games were also very hard with the 15th and 16th teams which I won 1:0 and 2:1 accordingly (the teams which are 70% and 64% lower). Just to imagine that I have already played with most of the teams I have lost but this time the game was in different time period and the results were 0:10, 8:0, 5:0. Now please, explain to me, how is it possible that you win the match 0:10 and then lose 0:2 at home using the same formations!!!

    Just to clear that out - I always keep my team in perfect condition which means every day +10 bonus everywhere, the condition always higher than 90% and moral always in green. But this time frame really makes me crazy as I'm losing the triple crown and the first time the league from the season 17.

    Are there any other managers who have noticed just the same processes?

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    Never noticed anything about game time frame. Every 10 seasons or so, I have a burst of silly results. The first time it made me mad but now I am ready to face it. Which basically means: not doing anything and wait for the good form to come back. For me, it seems that bonus (10% I mean) help countering the effects of this bad period.
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